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Ladasten - Motivation in the tablet

22 Dec 2016

Many have heard that drugs like cocaine significantly increases the content of dopamine in the brain. And dopamine is the main motivator and updating of concentration, if I may say so. But drugs too shift the balance and cause serious side effects. And often there is a question how to increase dopamine quite strongly, but without the abuse etc? Though it is better to do it without pharmacology, more about the release of dopamine.

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Ladasten or bromantane is considered as anti-asthenic means, asthenia - a general weakness of the body, lack of energy. There is action on the brain, increasing mental capacity.

How does Ladasten act?

Indirectly, we have already mentioned dopamine, which is the subject of Ladasten influence. Older subscribers will remember about this preparation as "Strattera" it works exclusively with noradrenaline, Ladasten pumps the precursor of norepinephrine - dopamine. Now, a little more detail:

  • 1.Increased synthesis of the neurotransmitter dopamine and inhibition of its reuptake. Not to be confused with the effect on the receptors. Dopamine synthesis is carried out by reaction of tyrosine hydroxylase, and if this reaction is accelerated. We can say that it is an indirect method, and therefore safe. In the case of the same amphetamine, if we open the tap on full dopamine.
  • 2.Increased GABA activity of gamma-aminobutyric acid. To be precise, it begins to work less reuptake of GABA.
  • 3.Inhibition of histone deacetylase. This is a difficult point, but the most interesting. As inhibitors of histone deacetylase is a separate story. In the Russian-speaking Internet for information it is possible to say no. Meanwhile, there are studies that these inhibitors damn much improved intelligence and especially memory in mice. And it will be even a list of substances that have taken the mouse. In public, while it is not checked, so perhaps a dangerous topic.

Briefly, histone deacetylase inhibitors - certain anticancer drugs work in the cell nucleus with DNA. And they contribute to the process of memory reconsolidation, accelerated memorization of new information or forgetting old memories. The study was published in the international journal Cell in January 2014.

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Ladasten reduces histone deacetylase activity of the first type, and means at the DNA level with the working memory. In a note to producers so to speak)

  • 4.Effect on neurotrophic factors. The growth and protection of the nerve cells.
  • 5.Synaptic plasticity. It promotes better conversion of short-term information into long-term. Or speaking in scientific language "turns short-term potentiation of synaptic transmission in the longer form."
  • 6.The beneficial effect on the process of pregnancy and fetal development in rats. (But still Ladasten for pregnant is not necessary).

Course of Ladasten:

With adequate dosage and course side effects are rare. Contraindications are pretty standard for this category of drugs: pregnancy, lactation, age 18 years.

Ladasten, Phenylpiracetam

The course of 2-4 weeks to 200 mg per day, divided into 2-3 doses. As a manufacturer of fears that you word dopamine spirit and do not fall asleep, so the last reception no later than 16:00.

On my own I want to add that the drug works once, the clinical effects occur within 3 days. Therefore, the reception without a prescription best to minimize or even to take 1-2 days.

Effects of Ladasten:

- Reduction of fatigue. Sampling more than 700 people, duration - 28 days for examination: a pronounced clinical effect in anxiety and depressive disorders, vegetative dystonia syndrome and sleep disorders.

- Lack of hyperstimulation. No direct action on norepinephrine and epinephrine.

- The lack of dependence. Ladasten accelerates the processes associated with the creation of dopamine and blocks its reuptake.

- Concentration of attention. Again one of the main effects of dopamine. This also can be attributed, and motivation. When the "I want to do something."

- Improvements in memory, especially the transformation of short-term to long-term.


With what combine Ladasten:

So Ladasten "shakes" dopamine and GABA bit. In this connection, it becomes similar to Phenibutum only focus on the latter GABA, while Ladasten on dopamine. And the combination with other substances is very diverse.

Personally, I was very fond of a bunch of Ladasten 200 mg, Phenylpiracetam 200 mg and 300 mg of caffeine per day. She was sitting in the last 3 days before the date of exams and graduation at the university, for 8-10 hours a day exclusively tough stress test preparation. From Side effects - it was very difficult to sleep, so keep in mind if you are going to focus on dopamine stimulation, attention - in the evening need at least glycine, 2-3 grams.

If you add the DMAA, you get dopamine, norepinephrine +, in theory, a very strong bunch. If piracetam with lecithin - + dopamine, acetylcholine. Ladasten - Golf creativity in a word, some nootropic alchemy.

Bottom Line:

- Ladasten - anti-asthenic nootrop.

- Ladasten operates in mostly through dopamine, to a lesser - GABA.

- Effects of Ladasten: improved mood, improved memory, ability to concentrate. No side effects like hyperstimulation or dependence.

- Begins to work immediately, there is no cumulative effect, therefore, can not take the course, as well as a turbo button with some Phenylpiracetam. Instructions for the course - to 28 days, up to 200 mg per day.

- No direct prohibitions on combining with other substances not present, but it must be clearly understood that you can not sleep, or vice versa cuts if abuse the sedatives, so any manipulation of substances to perform wisely! And yes, no later than 16:00 and the Early Edition)) Good luck and see you soon!

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