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First stage of alcoholism

08 Nov 2018

Duration from 1 year to 5 years.

First stage of alcoholism

At this stage of the disease, the patient develops a syndrome of mental dependence: constant thoughts about alcohol, a rise in mood in anticipation of drinking, a feeling of dissatisfaction in a sober state. The pathological attraction to alcohol is manifested in a situationally conditioned form. "Thrust" for alcoholic beverages occurs in situations related to the possibility of drinking: family events, professional holidays ...

There is a syndrome of altered reactivity in the form of growing tolerance. The tolerance of alcohol increases, there is the ability to take high doses daily, vomiting disappears with an alcohol overdose, palimpsests appear (forgetting certain episodes of the intoxication period). With mild alcoholic intoxication, mental functions are accelerated, but some of them - with the loss of quality.

Reduced quantitative control in the patient, a sense of proportion is lost. Following the initial doses of alcoholic beverages and the appearance of light intoxication, there is a desire to continue drinking. The patient drinks to medium or heavy intoxication.

The remaining symptoms of alcoholism at its first stage still do not have time to form. Physical dependence on alcohol is absent, the effects of alcoholism can be limited to asthenic manifestations and neurological dysfunctions.

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