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Drugs and health

02 Nov 2018

In the first place, drugs damage the nervous system and the brain (Mildronate and Phenotropil can cope with it). Because of the death of brain nerve cells, the intellectual abilities of a person decrease, in other words, the addict gradually becomes stupid and turns into a half-idiot. In the brain, the drug causes the same changes that the schizophrenic patient has.

So the expression "drug addiction is voluntary madness" must be understood not only in a figurative, but also in a direct sense. Changing and the nature of man. He becomes dreary, languid, withdrawn, bored, shy, irritable, not interesting to anyone. Therefore, friends and friends very soon turn away from him - they are just uninteresting and unpleasant to communicate with such a person.

Drugs and health. Phenotropil. Mildronate. Heptral

Even if the addict succeeds in "tying", changes in the brain, and therefore in character and thinking, are not completely restored.

Very seriously drugs destroy the liver (Heptral and Cyanocobalamin can restore it). Any drug is a poison for the body. All poisons are neutralized by the liver, it takes the main blow and many of its cells die. In addition, drug addicts lose their sense of self-preservation and often use common syringes. So they are infected with hepatitis B and C. All this leads to cirrhosis and liver cancer. In addition, drug users are often infected with syphilis and AIDS.

Drugs cause degeneration and dystrophy of depletion of the heart muscle (mildronate would sure help you). Such an aged, depleted heart can not cope even with a little physical exertion, so the addict quickly becomes tired and suffocating even from a small physical exertion. Against the backdrop of such a depletion of the heart muscle, even a small drug overdose can lead to cardiac arrest and death.

You can give an example of a stolen horse. If the horse whips without end, it will run until it falls dead. This is called driving a horse. Similarly, the drug pushes the heart, but instead of a whip, it's a drug.

In general there is no such body, such a system that would not suffer from a drug. The whole body suffers. Very heavily drugs suppress the body's defense systems and, in the first place, the immune system. Because of this, drug addicts often suffer from inflammatory diseases: bronchitis, pneumonia, kidneys and other organs. Due to non-compliance with hygiene rules (injecting non-sterile solution with microbes) and reducing immunity in addicts, sepsis often develops - infection of blood.

Drugs disrupt the process of digestion and the production of protein in the liver, so after a while addicts "reach" - grow weaker and lose weight until exhaustion, lose their teeth and hair, quickly age. During the period of drug use, the sexual possibilities (potency) of the addict tend to disappear completely, and if he manages to "tie", serious problems remain with the genitourinary system.

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