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13 Jul 2018

Carphedon is used in neurology due to the ability to improve cognitive functions of the brain and increase resistance to psychoemotional stresses. Can also be prescribed to healthy people during overwork or during stressful situations. Children are allowed from the age of 14.

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Carphedon Dosage form
Carphedon is available only in the form of tablets. The active substance content in them can be 50 or 100 mg. The manufacturer offers customers packaging for 10 or 30 tablets. In color they can be from white to cream shade.

Carphedon Description and composition
The main active component is a substance that has a complex chemical name and is briefly called "carphedon". Lactose, calcium stearate and potato starch are used as auxiliary components, which should be taken into account for patients with intolerance to these substances.

Carphedon is the new representative of the nootropic group and is known for its positive effect on the blood supply to the brain and its cognitive functions. The clinical effect of carphedon is manifested in increasing endurance with psychoemotional loads, reducing the frequency of mood swings, leveling overvoltage.

The drug has found its application in neurology for the treatment of various diseases of the nervous system. It is also used in healthy people to increase resistance to stress factors and prevent overwork.

The positive effects of Carphedon are due to its ability to speed up the blood supply and metabolism in the brain tissues. This facilitates a faster flow of biochemical processes and the generation of a sufficient amount of energy. After taking Carphedon, the concentration of such mediators as dopamine, serotonin, noradrenaline increases, which leads to improvement in the mood of the patient and a decrease in depressive manifestations.

Adaptogenic effect provides better resistance of brain cells to hypoxia, exposure to toxic substances, fatigue or low temperatures.

The advantage of the drug is that it does not affect the work of the vasomotor and respiratory centers.

Separately, the ability of Carphedon to completely eliminate hunger and suppress appetite should be highlighted. This makes it possible to successfully apply it in the complex therapy of obesity, combining in the right diets and physical exertion. However, it should be remembered that the drug does not have any effect on adipose tissue.

A valuable result of taking Carphedon is the ability of a person to work more productively without giving in to anxiety and nervousness.

Carphedon - Indications for use
for adults
Carphedon is prescribed as a curative and preventive agent under the following conditions:

Rehabilitation period after injuries with CNS injuries.
Insufficiency of blood supply to the brain, which led to a decrease in mental abilities and difficulty in motor activity.
Asthenic syndrome.
Hypoxia of the brain.
Conditions that lead to increased exhaustion and lethargy.
Cramps of various etiologies.
Poor memory and reduced learning ability.
Chronic intoxication, including alcohol and drugs.
Life situations when it is necessary to increase mental or physical performance, as well as in the period of falling into an uncharacteristic environment or climatic conditions.
Psycho-organic syndrome.
Presence of psychological problems with obesity.
Normalization of biorhythms or sleep cycles when changing the time zone.

for children
Carphedon is not assigned to patients under 14 years of age due to a lack of sufficient research on its safety profile. However, in practice, some doctors consider the benefits of taking the drug higher than the possible harm, so it is actively used in treatment regimens.

Before starting therapy, parents need to make sure that the diagnosis is correct. Unfortunately, many doctors consider the nervousness or restless sleep of the child a pathology, although such conditions can only be a temporary reflection of physiological development.

In most cases, Carphedon is prescribed to children when:

Intracranial pressure.
Hydrocephalus syndrome.
Pathologies in the structure of the brain.

For school-age children, indications can also be:

A long period of stress.
Low ability to learn and delay development.
Emotional instability.

In pediatrics, positive results were observed after the course of Carphedon, however, long-term use is not recommended.

Carphedon for pregnant women and during lactation
The drug is prohibited for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Contraindications for taking Carphedon are the following conditions:

Age to 14 years.
Pregnancy and lactation.
Hypersensitivity to any component of the drug.

Also, there are relative contraindications, in which the decision about taking Carphedon is taken by the attending physician:

Severe disorders in the liver and kidneys.
Panic attacks or psychomotor arousal in the anamnesis.

Carphedon Applications and dosage
for adults
Tablets are for internal use. They should be swallowed whole and washed with plain water. It is recommended to take the drug after eating.

Dosages are selected individually, taking into account the nature of the disease and the characteristics of the patient. The average daily dose of Carphedon is 300 mg, which is divided into several doses. The maximum allowable amount per day is 750 mg. The optimal scheme is to take the drug twice a day, with the last dose should be in the daytime, and not in the evening, to avoid problems with falling asleep.

The average duration of the course is from 2 weeks to 3 months. After this, you need to take a break for at least 1 month, and if necessary, repeat the treatment.

For healthy people, when Carphedon is taken to increase resistance to stressful situations or temporarily improve performance, the course of treatment can be only a few days.

To improve memory and attention, doctors prescribe 200 mg of the drug in one session for 2 weeks.

for children
The decision on dosage and duration of admission is made by the attending physician. The standard regimen allows the appointment of Carphedon at 50 mg twice daily for no longer than 4 weeks.

Carphedon Side effects
From side effects are possible:

Redness of the skin.
Sensation of heat.
Increase in pressure.
Excessive arousal.
Insomnia when taking medication at night.

At occurrence of by-effects it is recommended to lower a dosage of a preparation, and then gradually to raise it up to necessary quantity.

Interaction with other drugs
When taking Carphedon, there is an increase in the activity of psychostimulating drugs, nootropics and antidepressants.

Carphedon reduces the negative impact of alcohol on the brain, and also reduces the degree of intoxication and hangover.

Carphedon special instructions
Closer observation during treatment with Carphedon requires patients with a history of panic attacks, allergies to pyrrolidone derivatives, liver and kidney disease.

The first method can cause an increased need of the patient for rest and sleep, so it is recommended to implement it on weekends.

Analogues of Carphedon
Instead of Carphedon, the following drugs can be used:

Hopantam is a nootropic remedy, which is a substitute for Carphedon in the therapeutic group. It is produced by the company "Altayvitamins" in tablets, which are allowed to children over 3 years old. Hypantamus can not drink to women in the position and breastfeeding.
Cortexin refers to the substitutes for Carphedon by the pharmacological group. The drug is available as a lyophilizate for the preparation of a solution for insertion into the muscle. Nootropic drug can be prescribed to children from birth. Cortexin is prohibited for pregnant and lactating children.
Neupilept refers to the substitutes for Carphedon by the pharmacological group. The drug is released in a solution for oral administration and injections. Neupilept is not suitable for children and mothers who support natural feeding.

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