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Annoying Heartburn

02 Aug 2018

An unpleasant burning sensation in the epigastrium or in the middle of the chest, or heartburn, can appear occasionally - for example after a heavy meal or consumption of fatty, fried and spicy food. Frequent heartburn may indicate a GI disease, in particular about gastroesophageal reflux disease. Excreted also heartburn pregnant.

Annoying Heartburn

One of the most frequently used groups of drugs used for heartburn is antacids. To date, the most in demand for the consumer non-absorbing antacids. They are characterized by a higher efficacy and a less pronounced side effect.

Slightly less than half of all sales (45.6%) are accounted for by antacids in the form of tablets, more than 35% of which are taken by TM Rennie, Gastal, Rutatsid and Gastrofarm. About a quarter of the total volume of sales of preparations for heartburn is made up of suspensions, for example, the share of the well-known Almagel drug was 12.3%, for another sample in the form of a suspension, the Sab simplex - 1.9%. Also popular are preparations of a similar consistency - gel, for example, Fosfalugel. There are preparations presented in both solid (tablets, capsules), and in liquid (suspension, emulsion) dosage form. These include Espumizan, Maalox, Gaviscon. Espumizan, the market leader, has 12.3% share of emulsion sales, 11.5% capsules.

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