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Afobazol - Helped by postpartum depression

04 Nov 2016

Advantages: It helps, not addictive, does not cause drowsiness, affordable price

Remarkable Afobazol pills helped me through postpartum depression. It all began after the birth of her daughter, and this constant lack of sleep and constant anxiety negated my psyche, my husband was always on business trips, parents are away, and with all the difficulties had to deal itself. I could not relax as the rest or sleep and just started hysterics and it was a panic attack, I just cried for an hour and could not stay in my head only one experience and negative thoughts.

I recovered after giving birth to 35 kilos. husband stopped me to experience feelings, I withdrew into myself. Self-esteem has fallen well below the level.

At the pharmacy I was advised Afobazol. I started to take it as it should be in the instruction 3 times a day. The first two days I did not see the result, began a little better sleep but on the third day of trouble started to recede.

In general the result was noticeable. Take this medication for two months and I want to say come to the senses. I began to enjoy life, and the problems were resolved clearly and rationally. I feel the inner strength and realized that I can do anything.

At this point, I fully back to himself, my husband was like something softer and closer, I lost 10 kilos. To summarize: the drug helped 100%, no side effects, does not cause sleep is sold without a prescription, no addiction. Really helps to fight depression and severe stress. I advise all my friends.

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