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Action of Ethanol on the Stomach, Pancreas and Liver

06 Feb 2019

When drinking alcohol, first of all the stomach suffers. And the stronger alcohol products, the harder it is to lose. There are profound changes in the entire glandular apparatus of the digestive canal: glands located in the wall of the stomach and producing gastric juice containing pepsin, hydrochloric acid and various enzymes necessary for digesting food, under the influence of irritation, they first give off a lot of mucus and then atrophy. There is a gastritis, which, if not removed from its cause and not treated, can go to stomach cancer.

Action of Ethanol on the Stomach, Pancreas and Liver

Sclerotic changes also occur in the pancreas. The autopsy of persons aged 30-40 years who consumed wine in large doses or for a long time showed profound changes in the pancreas, which explains the frequent complaints of people drinking on poor digestion, abdominal pain, etc.

These same patients often have diabetes because of the death of special cells located in the pancreas and producing insulin. Pancreatitis and alcohol-based diabetes are phenomena that are usually irreversible, which is why people are doomed to constant pain and malaise. Few of this, pancreatitis exacerbates with the slightest violation of the diet.

Passing through the hepatic barrier, ethyl alcohol adversely affects the liver cells, which under the influence of the destructive effect of this poisonous product perish. In their place, connective tissue is formed, or simply a scar that does not perform liver function. The liver gradually decreases in size, that is wrinkled, the blood vessels in the liver are compressed, the blood in them stagnates, the pressure rises 3-4 times. And if there is a rupture of blood vessels, a profuse bleeding begins, from which patients often die. According to WHO, about 80% of patients die within a year after the first bleeding. The changes described above are called cirrhosis of the liver. The number of patients with cirrhosis is determined by the level of alcoholism in a particular country.

Alcoholic cirrhosis of the liver is one of the most serious and hopeless in terms of treatment of human disease. Cirrhosis as a consequence of alcohol consumption, according to WHO, is one of the main causes of death. (Can be treated by Heptral and cyanocobalamin).

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