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Simpatoterm Luxot Empyreal Dragon

28 Nov 2016

Simpatoterm Luxot Empyreal Dragon is a dietary supplement created for fight against excess weight.

Simpatoterm Luxot Empyreal Dragon

Declared effects

Acceleration of exchange processes thanks to content in medicine of extract of a nettle two-submultiple.

Braking fat and reduction of appetite due to content of extract of gamboge Cambodian.

Guarana extract as a part of medicine promotes a conclusion of toxin and excess liquid from an organism and normalizes cholesterol level in blood.

Extract of bitter orange also improves exchange processes and comforts nervous system.


1 capsule (750 mg) contains:

  • Dendrobium aphyllum of 150 mg,
  • Urtica dioica of 150 mg,
  • Garcinia cambogia of 100 mg,
  • Paullinia cupana of 100 mg,
  • Citrus bzgaradia of 100 mg, etc.


Simpatoterm Lux is recommended to accept on 1-2 capsules in the morning or in 1-1,5 hours prior to sports activities. After acceptance dietary supplement begins to work in 40-70 minutes. Components of medicine are late in an organism for 9-10 hours then they leave together with metabolism products. You can try Pankramin.

It is necessary to accept dietary supplement for Simpatoterm Lux weight loss rates. Each can is expected 1 rate. Between stages it is necessary to do a break of 7-10 days to avoid adaptation of an organism to medicine components. Then it is possible to continue medicine acceptance as before, without exceeding a regulation.

Medicine has no contraindications, except for idiosyncrasy of its components.

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