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Doctor: "Rostov" stopped taking Meldonium in October, but traces may remain

15 May 2016

Medical staff of "Rostov FC" stopped giving players Meldonium injections in October last year, immediately after receiving the recommendations of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), however, taken the players after the match with the Moscow "Dynamo" doping tests can show the presence of traces of the drug, said the agency "P -Sports " doctor of “Rostov FC" Vladimir Khokhlov.

On Thursday, 11 players "Rostov", which came out in the match 28-round championship of Russia against Moscow "Dynamo" ( Rostov win with the score 3: 1) in the starting lineup, passed a drug test after the game. FIFA later announced that the mass of players test was associated with previously appeared in the media information about the buy of mildronate 500mg drug by the club that with January 1, 2016 is included in the list of banned WADA.

"In principle, up to 31 December any athlete could use Meldonium, based on the logic - said Khokhlov on the phone. - After the Mildronate was added to the Prohibited List as from 1 January. We received a letter from WADA in October, since immediately stopped taking the Mildronate injections. Before it really used Mildronate as meldonium 500mg has been recommended by leading experts of Sports Medicine. "

Khokhlov said he did not know whether there is any traces of Meldonium in the doping tests of players "Rostov". "FIFA Doping officers just told us that will notify about the results of the test. Neither the timing nor the method of notification did not specify. Who knows, there may be some traces of Mildronate in samples of our players. Some may be, because it all depends on the characteristics of the organism from metabolic processes. But again, we stopped taking the Meldonium (Mildronate 500mg) immediately after receiving the recommendations of WADA. "

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